What is JAT?

For Team Members - Joining a Team

Potential team members visit the website and fill in an application form to join a team. [more...]

For Team Leaders - Working With Teams

Team leaders can view application progress and responses in various formats, with tools for managing and communicating with the team. [more...]

For Organisational Leaders - Managing Teams

Organisational leaders can create teams, appoint team leaders and manage various types of approval of applications and teams. [more...]

The JAT Sandbox

The online 'sandbox' demo version of JAT contains some fictitious teams and team members to give you an idea of how the system works. You can log in as a team member, a team leader or a system administrator, or you can begin your own application to any of the sample teams. You are free to change any settings and give it a full test run, just beware that the database is periodically erased back to the sample data so your tests will not stay indefinitely.

Click here to access the sandbox at sandbox.joinateam.org

Demo Video Tour

Click the play button in the center of the video to watch.

Specific Features

Team Members

Potential team members enter their email address and select a team to join. They then fill out their application form to join your organisation. Their form is saved along the way so that they can come back later to complete it. An automatic reminder email is sent to the applicant until they do this. Once their form is complete, the leader of their team can approve their application and give them a level of access to the system where they can view team information, see their team list, other contacts, etc. Once the team member's information is in the system, it is easy for them to apply to another team (perhaps the same team the following year) as all the information is stored and just needs to be reviewed and reconfirmed.

Team Leaders

Team leaders can view applications to their team as they happen (whether complete or not), tracking their progress as well as seeing all the form data. There are tools for emailing the team, viewing statistics about the team, tracking reference checks and more. Leaders can set team-specific questions on the application form that potential team members fill out, as well as internal database fields for tracking individual team members in their training, preferences, fees, etc. When an application is approved, the leader can grant access to specific information like team lists, dietary requirements, medical information, etc. Leaders are notified of any changes that the applicant makes to their form after being approved.

Organisational Leaders

System administrators have full access to the entire system, with the ability to create and delete teams and appoint team members as team leaders who then can manage their own team. System admin can view all application forms across all teams and see the history of each application including any changes that have been made, when the change was made and who made it. Each application has a field to track system administrator approval so that organisational leaders can be part of the team member approval process (generally used for legal compliance checks, for example).

How the System Works

Join a Team is an online ("cloud") system hosted at joinateam.org with organisations having access via organisation.joinateam.org. All application forms and team management are accessed through a web browser meaning that the information is available anywhere at anytime, on any internet-enabled device (desktop, laptop, phone, etc). This means that there is no infrastructure required at your end - JAT looks after it all for you.

Access to the system is https, meaning that all information between the web browser and the JAT server is encrypted. A padlock appears on the user's browser, so potential team members know their personal information is secure when filling out an application form.

Each organisation has a separate instance of the system, so the functionality and visual design of JAT is fully customisable for your organisation. Separate databases mean that all records are secure and are not co-mingled with other groups.


The time taken (and the cost) of getting JAT up and running for your organisation depends on how much customisation is required (visual, functionality, questions and format). Please contact me to discuss in more detail. But for the sake of a rough ball park, for a large organisation with several hundred volunteers and more than 20 teams, pricing is $2750 AUD for an indefinite license to the system plus $50 to $100 per year of running costs.

Who Is Using JAT?

Scripture Union Victoria

Scripture Union Victoria

SU Victoria uses JAT to manage several hundred volunteers on approximately 25 short term mission teams around the state.

Scripture Union Western Australia

Scripture Union Western Australia

SU WA uses JAT to manage all their volunteer and staff teams.

Scripture Union South Australia

Scripture Union South Australia

SU SA uses JAT to manage volunteers on camps, in schools, and various teams.

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